Tony Virrueta For Senate 2024 Senatorial Candidate SD 17

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KION Ch. 46 NEWS Interviewing Tony


Alexandra’s Law SB44 

The incumbent District 17 Senator was instrumental in killing bipartisan SB44, which would have cracked down on fentanyl traffickers, who killed 25,000 young Cafornians in the last two years. Vote Tony Virrueta, who puts youth lives over drug traffickers, to be our new State Senator.

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California Schools Lowest in Proficiency

California at bottom of barrel on student proficiency. Retire the incumbent for State Senate District 17, who has voted for every measure to dilute learning. Elect Tony Virrueta, who will fight for our students, and not our teacher unions.

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Southern Border a Disaster

White House ends deterrent to Border sex trafficking by ceasing familial DNA testing. We need strong legislators at all levels to counter the madness. Elect Tony Virrueta to State Senate District 17.

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