Alexandra’s Law SB44 

This California bill addresses the need to crack down on fentanyl trafficking, which drug is brought across the Southern Border and is the leading cause of death of American  youth (over 25,000 in California alone in last two years) This bill had broad bipartisan support, but was killed by the Senate Appropriations Committee on April 23.

Our Central Coast incumbent senator was a member of this key committee, and he failed to  be a sponsor or supporter of this key bill, which would escalate penalties for fentanyl traffickers, where a young person died from the trafficking. Presently a fentanyl trafficker or gang member only gets a slap on the wrist for selling fentanyl to a young person, who dies from the dose.

We need a new State Senator for District 17.  Join me in voting for Tony Virrueta for State ;Senate; Tony places lives of our youth ahead of cartels trafficking fentanyl.

Team Tony

Sources: Sen. Laird Announces Senate Committee Assignments | Senator John Laird (

42 state senators endorse or sponsor sb44, but not Laird. Bill Sponsors: CA SB44 | 2023-2024 | Regular Session | LegiScan

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